BEHRINGER SAWS INC., manufacturers of bandsaws and circular and plate sawing machinery, lately introduced the Behringer Series HBM 500SC, an "ultra-fast" cutting, automatic horizontal bandsaw capable of removing over 70 square inches per minute of material. The saw can cut a broad range of materials — carbon steels, tool steels, stainless steels, and high-alloy steels —nearly four times faster than conventional bandsaws, according to the system developer.

The sawing speed is due in part to a rugged, cast iron saw frame engineered to channel the buildup of forces away from the work area, and a high-efficiency dual conveyor chip removal system.

"Sawing tests conducted at our facility and at a large steel service center customer have demonstrated incredible material removal rates, as high as 78 square inches per minute on 4140 steel,” claimed Richard Klipp, Behringer Saws president.

The Behringer HBM 500SC is especially beneficial for high speed cutting applications with carbide tipped blades sawing high alloy materials.

A heavy-duty gearbox, rigid cast iron frame, and dynamically re-engineered design substantially reduce or eliminate vibration and promote enhanced speed and precision. Band guides are fitted with nozzles that spray coolant directly into the kerf, and a high volume coolant pump keeps blades and materials as cool as possible during high speed cutting. This enables longer periods of uninterrupted throughput when compared to conventional bandsaws.

The machine’s heavy-duty gearbox combined with a 35 HP high-output drive motor, reduces vibration and enhances performance. Blade downfeed is ball screw-driven, providing the controlled application of downfeed pressure for precise, accurate blade movement. This power/pressure balance ensures that the material feed rate is always maximized without overloading the blade, resulting in the exceptionally long blade life.

To address high stock removal rates, two electrically powered self-adjusting chip brushes clean the blade during operation. In addition, chips fall into a funnel flume, guided to a dual conveyor in the machine bed, allowing operators to achieve and maintain high productivity levels without stopping to manually clear the work area. The saw also features automatic guide arm adjustment and hydraulic blade tensioning.

The HBM 500SC has a 19.6x19.6-in. maximum cutting capacity.