GREENLEAF CORPORATION announced the availability of a new phase-toughened ceramic insert grade complementing its line of ceramic insert cutting tools. XSYTIN®-1 is engineered to machine more materials than any other ceramic grade now available, and designed to mill, turn, and groove the most difficult materials at extreme feed rates — with the high surface footage of ceramic inserts.

XSYTIN-1 is the strongest ceramic insert grade ever produced by Greenleaf, and recommended for use in interrupted cuts, removal of scale, roughing, semi-finish, and finish cuts in heat-resistant superalloy materials, cast irons, nodular irons, ductile irons, steel alloys and stainless steels.

According to the developers, the properties of XSYTIN-1 “will establish new benchmarks in the performance level of ceramics. The structure of this new phase-toughened ceramic exhibits high wear-resistance and thermal-shock resistance, which makes XSYTIN-1 a very predictable, high-performance product.

As for application, XSYTIN-1 will expand the possibilities for ceramic cutting tool market in applications that, until now, have not been feasible for ceramics, according to the developers.

XSYTIN-1 is available now in a wide variety of ANSI/ISO geometries.

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