POSTLE INDUSTRIES' Hardface Technologies business unit is introducing new welding wires for welding of metalworking and repair of forging dies and hammers, and other applications in metal forming. Products are available for flood welding complete die impressions; for overlaying forging and other hot-working dies, including extrusion mandrels and shear blades; and for repairs to rams, sow blocks, and die shanks.

Using the correct forging-die welding alloy wire will reduce the inventory of die steels, significantly increase the performance and productivity of the forging dies, improve reliability and consistency, and provide a great deal for flexibility in die cavity design to respond to customers’ requirements.

Available alloys include hot-working and high-speed tool steels, as well as high-strength and low-alloy steels for welding hammer bases, sow blocks, and rams. Sizes range from 0.045 up to 0.125 in. (1.20 up to 3.2 mm.) 

In addition to welding consumable products, Postle offers welding seminars and clinics to instruct welders and engineers, plant managers, and department heads on the proper methods, procedures, and products used for successful die repair.

Hardface Technologies by Postle manufactures a wide range of wear-resistant solutions that find application in a variety of industries. The company’s advanced hardfacing products, which have been engineered specifically for high-wear environments, are available through a worldwide distribution network.

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