A new programming interface that simplifies part programming, sequence building, and reporting was introduced for ADCOLE CORP. Model 1100 and 1200 crankshaft gages.

Adcole’s PIR software (Part Inspection & Reporting) features a single, user-friendly interface that lets users program a new part to measure in less than 15 minutes — including the crankshaft specification and inspection sequence.  Then, this fully integrated utility will create a summary report, output plot, and SPC templates.

Supplied with new Adcole Model 1100 and 1200 gages, PIR software combines multiple programs into one intuitive interface that users can customize easily, and it requires only minimal training.  It also is available as a retrofit package for installed gages. 

Adcole gages provide measurement resolution to 5 nm, depending upon model, and are widely recognized for accuracy. Priced affordably, they are used by engine component manufacturers worldwide.

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