OELHELD U.S. recently introduced SintoGrind HSS, a specially developed grinding oil for for profile and flute grinding of steel alloys, in particular for high-speed-steel and medical steel.

It is based on synthetic Polyalphaolefins free of chlorine or heavy metal compounds. All additives are synthetic and reportedly have excellent high pressure (EP) and superb lubrication properties.

Most important the product is physiologically absolutely safe. Oil misting and evaporating tendency is very low and it has an excellent viscosity-temperature relationship.

Due to its 100% synthetic formula, SintoGrind HSS reportedly will cool, lubricate and clean better than any mineral oil-based grinding oil, and grinding wheels will remain clean and unclogged.

SintoGrind HSS has an extremely low evaporation and misting rate, and sheds air very quickly and does not foam. Tangential forces and work piece temperatures will be greatly reduced with the use of SintoGrind HSS.

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