LMC Workholding introduced the Numtec MD300/320 distortion measurement and wheel positioning machine, to be used for 100% process control measurement of alloy wheels before entering a CNC machining cell.  The MD300/320 offers a capacity of up to 60 wheels/hour and is able to handle wheel dimensions from 14 to 24 inches in total, with two mechanical clamping ranges available: from 14 to 21 inches and from 17 to 24 inches.

The design-side of the wheels is measured with a laser scanner that is mounted on a moveable X/Y-slide arrangement.  The MD300 mainly measures the deviation of the front side clamping flange and the hub area. 

The MD320 is positioned at the entrance of a production cell, allowing only wheels within tolerance to be produced which increases the overall output of the cell. 

This machine can work as a batched operation or fully mixed production lines.  Also, the MD300/320 uses the Numtec barcode system, which allows all measurements to be automatically linked to a mold and casting machine for statistical reasons, and also monitors the performance of the casting area.   

LMC Workholding offers engineering, manufacturing and a range of products that includes high-quality chucks and cylinders along with special workholding devices, including aluminum wheel chucks, high-volume machining power chucks and fixtures, standard and special hydraulic steady rests, special application, and large cast-type manual steady rests, and Chandox brand chucks and cylinders.  It also offers patented face drivers and centers.

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