WILLIAMSON CORPORATION’S Gold Series single-wavelength infrared temperature sensors provide up to 0.25% of reading measurement accuracy for monitoring and controlling product quality and process productivity.  Configurable for a multitude of applications where devices such as thermocouples and RTDs would be inaccurate, too slow, or difficult to use, they measure a target’s temperature without contact, making them ideal for high-temperature environments, moving targets, and fast response times.

Available in a range of precisely selected short, long, and specialty wavelengths, Gold Series infrared sensors measure the amount of infrared energy emitted by an object’s surface, then convert this signal into a temperature value between -40° and 4,500°F (-40°-2,475°C.)  Each model can be used as a stand-alone transmitter with a choice of inputs, outputs, and alarms.  For more advanced capabilities, interface modules, PID controllers, and PC software programs are available.

In the stand-alone mode, the local interface of a Gold Series sensor is used to display the temperature and adjust sensor settings from an intuitive text-based menu.  An optional analog input is available for remote emissivity and alarm adjustments.  Units are compatible with bidirectional RS232 and RS485 communications as well as 4-20mA and voltage-sensor outputs, which may be programmed with a choice of up to five different measured parameters.

Williamson offers a choice of wide-angle or high-resolution optics.  Sensor alignment options are line of sight, laser aiming, and a fiber-optic aim light. 

Forging is just one of numerous applications, including heat-treating, boilers, and many others. A selection of accessories, including mounting brackets, flanges, water-cooling hardware, and rugged hazardous-area enclosures, are available.

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