Forgital Group, the producer of specialty forgings for aerospace manufacturing, has allocated €27 million (est. $30 million) to expand its Forgital FLY specialty machining and custom fabricating operation in Grigno, Italy. The project will increase FLY’s total workspace to 17,500 sq. m., with a new plant adjacent to the current location.

Forgital produces forgings and seamless rings in steel, aluminum, titanium, and super alloys. Heat-treating and finish machining services are offered, too.

Forgital FLY was established in 2007 as a premium, custom machining and post-machining service supplier to aircraft and jet-engine OEMs and subcontractors. Services include quality control, testing, and coordinate measuring service, as well as specialty machining. Among its customers is the Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engine program, and the Ariane Space consortium producing a launch system for the Ariane 5 rocket.

Forgital noted the FLY business has tripled its working space since its launch date as it responds to the increasing production capacity required by aerospace purchase orders, as well as to differentiate its products and capabilities. It expects to double its current 100-person payroll by 2020.

“Six years ago, when we decided to accept this challenge together with the Province of Trento, in Grigno there was only a meadow,” Forgital Group president Nadir Spezzapria said. “Today there is an industrial company that will finish 2016 with a turnover of about €100 million, after having obtained in 2015 just over €50 million, €25 million in 2014, and less than €8 million in 2013. It has been a remarkable progression that is the result of the great work done over the years.”