PAT MOONEY INC. has added the PMI-455 Series of CE NC automatic high production cutoff saws for aluminum and other nonferrous metals to its line. The PMI-455 is equipped with various features that ensure productive and highly precise performance. For maximum stability of the blade during the sawing operation, the PMI-455’s saw blade feed is driven by a hydraulic system. This is beneficial when cutting solid or heavy walled extrusions/tubes. The saw blade travels horizontally through the material and is mounted on linear guide ways. The saw head travels on the linear guide ways for accurate cutting of large materials.

For a smooth finish, the PMI-455 includes a specially designed saw worktable that moves 2 mm forward as well as backward after the cut is complete and the saw blade is retracting.  This feature prevents scratches from occurring when the saw blade retracts back to its home position. To prevent distortion of thin-wall profiles, the PMI-455 features a pneumatic clamping system with adjustable clamping pressure. The carriage vise has two vertical and two horizontal clamps, rendering it capable of clamping irregular shaped pieces of material without any additional features.  The fixed vise has two vertical and one horizontal clamp to ensure the part is clamped securely during cutting. Clamps can be adjusted based on material size. The PMI-455’s extensive clamping system makes it possible to cut multiple, bundled pieces at one time.

The PMI-455’s precise Micro-Drip blade lubrication system releases a small amount of lubricant to the airline at the point of discharge for control and economical distribution of the saw lubricant.

PMI-455 cutoff programs are managed with Mitsubishi NC controls. An operator-friendly touch screen allows for easy input of the desired cut length, number of pieces, blade speed and more. The machine then monitors cutoff jobs for accuracy. One hundred programs can be stored with up to 12 steps.

For safety, PMI-455 cutoff saws are equipped with a safety enclosure monitored by limit switches. The machine cover must be closed for the saw to cycle. The saw blade access door is also protected via a limit switch. In the event that the door is opened while the saw is in operation, the machine will shut down and the saw blade will not cycle.

Two types of PMI-455 production saws are available. The compact Type A uncut saw features a design where the saw travels through the workpiece from under the worktable. Its 10 HP motor and 3200 RPM saw blade speed enable quick and precise sawing of lighter aluminum extruded shapes. Type A machine dimensions are 98.5 in. x 51.25 in. x 79.5 in. The Type L horizontal saw features a design where the saw travels horizontally on linear guideways for maximum speed. The 15-HP motor of the Type LE allows for sawing of extrusions and tubes; the 20-HP motor of the Type LS enables sawing of solid bars and extruded shapes. The Type L features variable saw blade speeds of 1,500 to 3,500 RPM. Type L machine dimensions are 138 in. x 82.67 in. x 73.23 in.