CONDAT is introducing Condaforge 625, 625 RFU, and 635, a range of graphite lubricants designed for forging of ferrous or nonferrous metal automotive and aerospace parts, including titanium, Inconel, and aluminum alloys. These water-based lubricants combine specific formulation technology with adapted graphite grain-size distribution (from fine to ultra-fine.) They support high-quality performance and lubricity in various hot forging processes.

In addition, they are ammonium-free and odorless, for a safer and worker-friendly plant environment. A high-temperature binder helps to achieve uniform and homogenous coating even for a high-dilution ratio, significantly reducing the total volume of lubricants consumed.

Condaforge 635 and 625 can be diluted in water easily using common dosing systems, such as Condamix. Condaforge 625 RFU (Ready For Use) is already diluted for producing crankshafts.

Condat forging lubricants are developed and formulated to improve surface finish, extend die life, and reduce the total cost of lubrication. Its products include graphite lubricants for hot and warm forging of steel, nonferrous forging lubricants, glass coatings for aerospace forging (titanium, Inconel, etc.) and graphite-free lubricants for hot forging.