OELHELD, a lubricant specialist, develops new release agents for increasingly sophisticated and complex forging processes, including the AirForge glass coating formulations for specific forming temperatures.  The AirForge series products achieve optimal material flow for different materials, including titanium- and nickel-based and steel alloys.

AirForge coating surrounds the billet or workpiece and prevents it from hot gas corrosion and hydrogen diffusion. In addition, it promotes optimal material flow during the entire forging process thanks to its effective thermal insulation capabilities.

According to the developer, the high elasticity of the lubricant film will not break during deformation.

The formulations promote reliable tool-die reproduction because they do not react with metal surfaces, thus there is no die wear. The water-based products can be diluted with de-ionized water.

The AirForge products are compatible with commonly used forging die greases, and are easy to apply by dipping, brushing, or airless or electrostatic spraying.

All AirForge products are developed according to the latest E.U. regulations and contain no dangerous or hazardous substances, such as lead, bismuth, chromium, or organic solvents.

Besides the AirForge glass-coating products, Oelhold offers graphite-based and water-miscible forging products for the hot and warm forging, including automotive parts forging.

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