Susan Apel

K&L Gates LLP

Susan Apel is a partner at K&L Gates LLP in Pittsburgh, and the former general counsel of Ellwood Group Inc. She is a practical transactional and commercial lawyer who advises clients with respect to mergers & acquisitions, domestic and international joint ventures, and commercial and corporate governance matters. Contact her at

Considerations When Contemplating the Sale of a Business 
Most owners of privately held businesses consider selling from time to time, and almost all of them at some point do sell their businesses. Whether a business is large or small, there are several important matters for business owners to address early in the sale process.
Fundamentals of Joint Venture Success

There are many good reasons for a forger (or any manufacturing company) to enter into a “joint venture”: Joining with another industry player or competitor can expedite a producer’s entry into a new geographic region or product market, provide a way to share the cost and risk of a new venture, or allow companies with different capabilities to combine their specialties in a manner that benefits each of them.

10 Red Flags in Customer-Supply Agreements
A customer asks you to sign a form “Master” or “Framework” or “Preferred Supplier” purchasing or supply agreement. Now what?