Forging Staff

Trimming Presses for Custom Forgings
Bliss C-series steel frame trimming presses represent a new addition to the Schuler portfolio of presses, automation systems, and dies for metal forming.
Precision Flange Facing Tool
ESCO Tool is introducing an easy-to-use, manually operated tool for re-facing damaged flanges and restoring them to like-new condition with a phonographic finish, virtually anywhere. The Esco Flange Hog 110® has a rigid I.D. clamping system, and a 1- to 10-in. I.D. range that provides a facing diameter up to 14 in.
Chip Trapper Prolongs Coolant Life
EXAIR’s new, patented High Lift Chip Trapper™ removes the solids like chips, swarf, and shavings out of used coolants and other liquids with up to 15 feet of lift or 20 feet of horizontal vacuum.
Wireless, Controller-Free Laser Tracker
The OTC Core is a high-performance laser tracker that delivers essential laser tracking measurement capability at an affordable price. Its compact size and wireless operation offers high-accuracy measurement with the convenience of portability and ease-of-use.
More Forging, More Service, More Jet Engines
Pratt & Whitney plans to invest approximately $386 million in a series of projects at its manufacturing complex in Columbus, GA, including a new isothermal forging press to produce turbine disks and compressor rotors.
New Lubricant for Hot Forging Steel, Alloys
Oelheld U.S. Inc. recently introduced AirForge 4028, calling it “the clean lubrication revolution for every forging operation.” AirForge 4028 is a protective lubricant developed for hot forging of steel and alloys that delivers “outstanding” results when metal protection is required versus oxidation, gas diffusion and heat.
HMI Workstations for Productivity, Increased Plant Safety
Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds division expanded its series of MTL GECMA HMI workstations, introducing two new products, the thin client (TC) and personal computer (PC) versions. The new versions result in a common platform design for plant managers to reduce operating costs, optimize productivity and increase plant safety, with the additional benefits of reducing space in the cabinet, and “future proofing” the plant.
Open Automation for Open-Die Process
Danieli Breda has developed DANFORGE+, a process technology platform dedicated to the control and automation of open-die forging plants. It is an open automation system that provides complete co-ordination between press and manipulators allowing full integrated controls for highest productivity and repeatability of forging cycle considering the limits dictated by the type of material, working temperature, geometrical shape of work piece and dies.
Expanding the Possibilities for Microfinishing Crankshafts 
Working with machine-tool builder Thielenhaus Technologies, a commercial truck OEM decided to finish machine the bearings as well as the transition radii on its steel crankshafts.
Optical Sensor Technology for 3D Metrology
Zygo Corporation has partnered with Adcole Corporation to offer advanced measurement and inspection technology for automotive camshafts and crankshafts. The Adcole Model 1000 Z - incorporates Zygo’s optical sensor technology for precise and quantitative 3D metrology of precision-machined surfaces, without contact at high speed, for optimal process control.
Kobe Steel Supplying Large Ti Forgings for Jet Engines
Kobe Steel Ltd. announced recently it has started supplying large titanium-alloy forgings to IHI Corporation, as shafts for a GE Aviation commercial aircraft engine program. It noted the parts, rotating engine shafts, are among the largest components used in aircraft jet engines.
Machine Measures Sliding Cam Components Automatically
Adcole Corp. introduced a new camshaft gage that features two independent, opposed measuring heads to measure critical parameters, including cam lobe chatter and straightness.
High-Performance Circular Cold Saw
Behringer Saws Inc. added the VA-L 500 to its line of high-performance circular cold saws, for production cutting of aluminum and nonferrous materials. With a frequency-controlled main drive system and adjustable cutting speeds, it can saw the full range of aluminum alloys and other nonferrous materials in solids, thin-walled pipe and profiles highly efficiently.
Phase-Toughened Ceramic Inserts
Greenleaf announced the availability of a new phase-toughened ceramic insert grade complementing its line of ceramic insert cutting tools. XSYTIN-1 is engineered to machine more materials than any other ceramic grade now available, and designed to mill, turn, and groove the most difficult materials at extreme feed rates — with the high surface footage of ceramic inserts.
Charting Forgers’ Business Outlook 2017
Readers’ insights and impressions inform a customized view of one critical manufacturing business – and make it possible to project the possibilities and opportunities in the year ahead.