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Ellen Baran has been involved in the digital space for over 12 years.  Specializing in user engagement, Ellen works closely with Robert Brooks, Editor-in-Chief, to develop unique and compelling content for American Machinist users.

Ellen graduated from Columbia College in Chicago, IL majoring in Communications.

Style, Weight Savings, and Performance Driving Demand
Forged aluminum wheels have value for performance auto manufacturers; forged steel wheels are in demand among commercial vehicle builders.
Servo Motor Accelerates Precision Forming
The Feintool XFT 1500speed forms precision parts at up to 200 strokes per minute.
High-Speed, High-Volume, High-Definition Composite Forming
Schuler installs world’s largest short-stroke press for CFRP at U.K. industrial development center.
Aerospace Forger Flying High After 50 Years

Aerospace OEMs and their major suppliers are enjoying extraordinarily rates of activity, mainly driven heavy demand for new commercial aircraft to replace aging fleets and to fill the requirements of new regional carriers. This has happened before, in the 1960s to be specific, and at that time the demand had the additional thrust of space exploration, initiating all-new concepts for aerospace design, and the critical components that make them possible.

High-Power, Single-Layer Deposition Welding
Scientists at Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH) developed a laser-supported, light arc pro-cess that achieves effective die and tool resurfacing in a single layer.
Inspection Software for Contact or Non-Contact 3D Measurement
AMETEK Creaform introduced a powerful and intuitive 3D inspection software — VXinspect — that includes all the tools for first article inspection (FAI) and quality control inspection.
Big Name Taking a New, Larger Profile
Finkl Steel is a new consortium of open-die forgers: Chicago-based A.Finkl & Sons; Composite Forgings Ltd. of Detroit; and Quebec-based Sorel Forge Co.
Forged Axle Machining Takes a Modern Turn
Euro Machinery Specialists remanufactured a three-stage lathe machining line for Standard Forged Products, with Siemens controls and drives.
Researching Multidirectional Forging for Steel Pistons

In forging, material and energy costs are among the primary elements of total production costs. The material costs total up to 50% for parts made of steel. Besides the cost of forging the part, the subsequent machining also is a major part of the production costs. This is also true for pistons used in combustion engines -- high-performance parts with high requirements for mechanical and thermal properties.

Forge Fair 2015
Forging Industry Association’s semi-annual technical and trade expo opened April 14, 2015, drawing technical- and process-savvy forgers for a first-of-its-kind program.
'A' is for Aerospace, 'B' is for Billions … 1
Reviewing the progress of Alcoa’s multi-year, multi-part, multi-billion-dollar strategy to solidify its place in the aerospace supply chain.
Understanding Ceramic Heat Exchangers' Advantages

Gas-to-gas shell and tube heat exchangers and ceramic materials: each on its own is less than exciting, but when combined into one product they can improve heating processes process and manufacturers’ operating costs. 

Flexible Approach to Surface Hardening for Rail Wheels
LOI Thermprocess system hardens railway wheels continuously, without altering treatment formulae or sequences to account for different wheel sizes.
Sheffield Takes Charge of 'Large' with Stainless Ingots and Other Projects
Sheffield Takes Charge of 'Large' with Stainless Ingots and Other Projects
A series of stainless ingots are the latest proof of SFIL’s skill processing on a large scale.
Big Machine Makes Big Debut for Large Blooms
TimkenSteel’s Faircrest Plant in Canton, OH, launched production of continuous cast jumbo blooms on its new vertical caster.